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2019 & 2018 Recap from My Quora Posts

Why do you think that Aikido is fake?

Which martial arts will be more effective in real life

Is aikido good for seniors

What are some tips to help us remember and make sense of terminology used in the study of aikido

What is the favorite martial art you do, and why?

As a white belt, is it disrespectful in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to give feedback to a black belt? I know my role as a student and graciously take feedback, but once when we rolled, I observed and asked about his position, he now seems frustrated with me.

What is the point of a Kiai in martial arts? I don't feel stronger or anything, only profoundly stupid and embarrassed to shout one. If anything, it derails my focus.

Can martial arts help someone to overcome adult ADHD?

How do you prepare for the stress of a real self defense situation:

Whats more effective in a street fight kicks or punches:

Why did Bruce Lee die so young given that his martial arts training should have given him a strong and healthy body:

What are some fundamental yet highly effective ways to break your opponent's posture?:

How effective are martial arts in real fights? Specifically, what advantages would one of a pair of otherwise identical clones have over the other?:

As a martial artist, have you ever been called out and accepted a challenged to use your skills against someone?:

Martial artists, What is the most useful/practical martial art in day to day life/confrontation?

Why do people say Aikido is not effective in the streets?

Do people still feel insecure and intimidated when they see a big muscular person walk by on the streets, despite having a strong martial arts background?

Why are katanas two-handed? Are you able to use them with one hand?

What is the best fighting technique to use if you have no idea how to fight?

What is the art of fighting without fighting?

Hey martial artists, I don't mean to upset anyone, but describe what ki or chi feels like?

Is martial arts training 'inadequate' for the real world?

What is a martial arts master?

Is there a move in aikido that does not include spinning? A direct straight forward attack or defense?

How can I convince my father that karate isn’t better than taekwondo and that they’re both good? I train taekwondo but because he’s Japanese, he’s always looking down on martial arts that aren’t Japanese. What should I do if I want him to support me?

How do you disarm a knife from an attacker?

What wisdom can we get from Bruce Lee?

How difficult is it to use a sword effectively?

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