Set Jee & Quicksteps in the dojo

This is the first set of Siljun Dobup: Set Jee, the Earth Set. And my favorite exercise: Quicksteps. This Kendo / Kumdo exercise is the foundation of a strong swing, coordination, breathing and timing. It's also great for building strength and cardio! :-) #siljundobup #kendo #kumdo #exercise #kata #set #iaito #dojo

My Tameshigiri

This is a compilation of my "good cuts" from our latest Siljun Dobup retreat, I wanted to share it with you all. I subscribe to ichi go, ichi e philosophy, try to keep my zanshin intact, in mushin throughout. I do not like to draw, pause, get ready, adjust the sword, fine tune the stance and then perform the cut. At my level, I aspire to the correct Iai: draw and cut at once without hesitation and with purpose. I try to keep moving and not stopping, not adjusting - as

Siljun Dobup | Free Practice

I had a lot of free time today so I felt like doing this. I like it because I do not know what I will be doing next. I just go from one cut to another, going with the flow. For me, this is the best meditation. For me, this is Nakaima. #iaido #katana #iaito #meditation #siljundobup