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I. Cem Onur; the student pilot.
I. Cem Onur on his Triumph Tiger Explorer XC, a.k.a. BBX
I. Cem Onur
Sensei (Trainer) Bio

Hi. My name is Jim (Cem) Onur, a.k.a. Icy. I began my martial arts training in the crowded dojos of Istanbul and have been following the bushido way of life ever since that faithful day, almost 25 years ago. I have studied and am fluent in various close quarter martial arts forms, the longest duration devoted to Kaizen-AikiJitsu under Kiyoshi Teddy Wilson in a galaxy far far away. I have been studying Siljun Dobup, a Korean variation of Iaido, since 2012 and I hold a second dan in the form from the US Siljun Dobup Association.


I am a dedicated practitioner of the Art of Peace; and I believe that conflict resolution, awareness & avoidance, and harmony with our surroundings hold the key to a productive, meaningful existence in our lives.


After a career that spans close to three  decades on Information Technology, the latter part being in Wall Street, I have been on an extended sabbatical since May 2015 in Providence, RI.


Outside of the dojo, I can be found on my motorcycle on some trail somewhere; or by my computer playing games; or by my amp playing the guitar; or out on the streets doing photography trips; or arranging motorcycle trips with my motorcycle club the Brooklyn Easy Riders Club (RC); or reading a book or doing research in Starbucks on Wayland Square.


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O Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba

O Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba

1883 - 1969

The founder of AikiDo