"The Art of Peace Begins With You"


Rhode Island College

I guest lectured in Rhode Island College for the Japanese Art & History class - this is the second year I am doing this. I would like to thank Dr. Moonsil Kim, who has been so gratuitous to extend this honor for the second time and entrusted her classroom to me.

The format was the same, an hour and a half of lecture about martial arts, Japanese history, martial way of life, and philosophy in the class and then an hour or so of demonstration and exercise outside with the students.

This year, I was also one of the demonstrators for the Asian Student Association's "Asian Heritage Month: Journey to Asia" event. It was fun and I would like to thank the organizers for inviting me over as well.

Pictures  http://bit.ly/2J5GLAc

Sensei I. Cem Onur. 2nd Dan Siljun Dobup
Meet Sensei Cem


My name is Cem Onur, a.k.a. Icy. I began my martial arts training in the crowded dojos of Istanbul and I have been following the bushido way of life ever since that faithful day, almost 25 years ago. I have studied and am fluent in various close quarter martial arts forms, the longest duration devoted to Kaizen-AikiJitsu under Kiyoshi Teddy Wilson in a galaxy far far away. By the way, Cem is pronounced like "Jim" :-) I have been studying Siljun Dobup, a Korean variation of Iaido, since 2012 and hold a second dan from the US Siljun Dobup Association. I am a dedicated practitioner of the Art of Peace; and I believe in conflict resolution, awareness & avoidance, and harmony with our surroundings hold the key to a productive, meaningful existence in our lives.


What is Siljun Dobup? 


Siljun Dobup is the Korean version of the Japanese Sword Art of Iaido; which translates literally as “real sword training.” It is a new martial art with deep roots dedicated to the study of the curved Asian sword known in Japanese as the katana. The practice focuses on the drawing and sheathing of the blade; and executing ‘the perfect cut.’ Most of the forms are practiced individually (without partners) and always emphasize safety and respect.

Sensei I. Cem Onur. 2nd Dan Siljun Dobup
I. Cem Onur - Siljun Dobup practice in Rhode Island University